My Vision of Leadership

Figure 1: Mighty is the Army of Lambs Led by A Lion (Source: Clayton 2015). Leadership skill has always been a key factor in the success of many organisations as it gives the leaders the ability to use their own knowledge to influence others in doing what needs to be done in order to achieve […]

Leadership and Change

Changes are nothing new and can happen at any given time or location. Sometimes, changes must happen in an organisation or else it will die (Deutschman 2007). A leader who is skilled in influencing people will have a better success in managing and leading the change in the organisation (Long 2012: 18). The change can […]

The Challenge of Managing Diverse Teams

Figure 1: Focus on Diversity (Source: Geisser 2014). It is said that diverse teams that consists of people with different knowledge, experiences and even different business practices are important as they will produce many good results and bring many benefits to the organisation. This statement is only true as long as the leader is able […]

Leadership and Ethics

Leadership is a skill where it enables a person to have the ability to not only lead but also guide others in reaching the goal. By having good and also effective leadership skill, the leader will be able to maximize the effort of the people working under him or her in order to reach a […]